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Scam: Do not book!

Views: 22 Visited: May 2020 Reviewed: May 18, 2020
Note: Michaelbouv did not go on safari with Claudious Tours & Safaris

This tour operator is a complete scam, and they ripped my friend and I off of $1800.

We were supposed to go to on a safari with them in May, but due to Coronavirus, we needed to cancel. They said they could only refund 60% of what we paid according to their terms and conditions, which we agreed to. However, they never ended up paying us anything, they just continued to lie and come up with new excuses each time I asked for the money they owed us.

I even offered to do an installment plan, where they would pay me about $150 once a month until the balance was paid, but they didn’t pay me on the first date agreed upon, they just came up with some unintelligible excuse as quoted from my most recent email with them:

“We were by this time supposed to have started giving you back the money due to you. However, with the work system between us and line hotels we got to wait for the feedback as our bookings are normally done under group trip plans NOT individual names that you can ask from outside and get to know as such.”

The above doesn’t make any sense, since they never even made a reservation at any hotel for us.

After seeing a 1 star review in February, I decided to contact all the hotels that we were supposed to stay at to confirm that there was a reservation with this company. Each hotel said they had no reservations and had never worked with them before. I confronted Edmond about it, and he said they were going to eventually make a reservation, but I called the hotels again two weeks before we agreed to our installment plan, and they had still never heard of them. Therefore, he was blatantly lying to me in his last email.

Trust me, there were many other irregularities and blatant lies they told us that would take too long to type.

TLDR: They are liars, and a complete scam. Please pay a little bit more for a reputable tour operator that is KATO certified, NOT these con artists.

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Replied: May 19, 2020

Tour operator: Claudious Tours & Safaris

Mr. michaelbouv We never took you to safari as claimed above by showing of the pictures that you took during your safari. Yes, you booked your 6-Day Kenya and Tanzania Budget Joining Safari with us and due to the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC you decided to cancel your safari just like other did because of the fear of catching the virus before the due date which detailed below. 6-Day Kenya and Tanzania Budget Joining Safari Details Name: Michael Bouvet Email: xxxx Country: United States Phone No.: xxxxxx Ref. No.: 314043 Tour: 6-Day Kenya and Tanzania Budget Joining Safari Travelers: 2 adults (18+), 0 children (<18) Travel Date: Start on May 31, 2020 We pleaded with you to either postponed your safari just like the rest did but you decided not to instead you insisted that you want your money back which again we said its fine by us but just give us some times and we will pay you your US $ 900x2 = US $ 1800. The entire world economy is in a mess and most people do have the money and that’s why we pleaded with you to give us sometime as we wait for things to get better so that we can refund your money. We believe in our business so honestly CLAIMING THAT WE CONE YOU us $ 1800 just to tarnish our name is not justifiable at all. So it is wrong to claim that we conned you your money yet 98% of our clients decided to push a head their booked safari with us. Your money is safe and it will be refunded back to you when we resume work kindly bear with us and we sorry for the inconvenience caused by not refunding your money back in time.

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