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On safari

Shopping on safari

When buying hand-carved wooden souvenirs it’s important to shop around a bit before making your purchase. Although this is more time-consuming that just buying something in your hotel lobby gift shop, it allows you to compare and contrast differen...

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Big five backpacking

Kruger National Park trails are only open seasonally, from February to November, to skip the hottest and wettest time of the year. While you might get lucky and have good wildlife sightings, the real draw of the backpacking trails is having a more...

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Kafue’s wild side

Kafue is a huge park offering real wilderness and a huge diversity of species. It’s great for return safari-goers looking for something different. The real highlight is Busanga Plains—it’s tough to get to, but it offers top class game viewing and ...

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Big 5 photo gear tips

While point-and-shoot cameras and the new mirrorless wonders are great for travel shots, most wildlife encounters will require the longer lenses and the fast and accurate focusing power of a DSLR. Here are some tips to consider before you choose a...

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Surf and safari

While Africa is famed for its wildlife spotting encounters and safari opportunities, it is also home to some fantastic surf destinations. From well-known favorites to hidden gems, here are the top five places in Africa to surf world class breaks a...

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Executive Safaris for business-minded people

It is surprising how the business environment relates to nature and wildlife, within ecological interactions we find hidden secrets that can be applied to our daily business challenges. The Mind Power Safari Team aims to show you a new way of bus...

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Okavango mokoro expeditions

A mokoro expedition is your opportunity to touch and feel the Okavango Delta, mingle with the local culture, and return home with Delta memories. Mokoro expeditions are usually guided, and a couple of mokoros usually travel together.

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Bush bathrooms

Ok. You've just booked your first safari, and you have a million thoughts running through your head. If you're like most people, one question that is probably running through your mind is, 'what happens when I'm on safari and Mother Nature calls?'

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