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Court rules in favor of Serengeti protection

After an extensive review, the East African Court of Justice finally ruled: constructing a bitumen road across the Serengeti is considered unlawful. The wildlife migration will continue; human transport on a super highway will not.

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Serengeti highway

The plans to build a highway through the Serengeti are not new; it's been around for more than two decades. The planned highway is in the annual Great Migration domain: 750,000 zebra, 1.2 million wildebeest and thousands of other East African gam...

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Lake Malawi dispute

Lake Malawi is one of Africa’s greatest natural wonders. The lake’s most threatening environmental risks are clear: declining water levels, fish population decline, water pollution and resource over-exploitation. The three basin countries need t...

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BP's initiative in South Africa

South Africa's 86% illiteracy rate contributes to socio-economic as well as environmental issues. BP is turning billboards into bright futures for South African kids. BP supplied more than 8,000 kids with school basics in 2013 - school products ...

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