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African wildlife

Rwanda tourist visa

If you're planning a safari where you may need to leave Rwanda, head to Tanzania, and then re-enter Rwanda, you may need to purchase another tourist visa. There have been reported cases of tourists needing to buy a new visa as the Rwandan governme...

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Choosing a safari that is elephant-friendly

All tourist attractions that breed elephants for commercial purposes and promote direct contact with elephants, including rides, shows or tricks, should be avoided. Captive elephants used in profit-making entertainment rides can endure horrendous ...

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Bwindi's gorilla groups

Uganda is home to half of the world's remaining mountain gorillas. Bwindi is a popular destination for trekking mountain gorillas. Most visitors to Uganda simply book their safari and let their tour operator select which region they’ll get. If you...

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Mountain gorilla trekking

Trekking to see the mountain gorillas of Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting up close and personal with these magnificent animals is truly an honor but, with only one restricted hour in th...

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Google drones watch over Namibia's rhinos

The surveillance drones are fully equipped with the latest and most advance technological monitoring equipment, including high resolution cameras, sensors and RFID corresponding to RFID chipped wildlife.

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Legalization of rhino horn sales

83 rhinos were killed in 2008, 122 were killed in 2009, 333 were killed in 2010, 448 were killed in 2011, and 668 were killed in 2012. 514 have already been killed as of July this year and that figure may top last year's numbers

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Africa's little five

Africa's little five creatures include the elephant shrew, ant lion, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver and the leopard tortoise. Africa is a continent of true diversity, as so clearly demonstrated by the Big Five and Little Five wildlife. The pur...

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Madagascar’s Lemurs

Madagascar is home to more than 100 kinds of lemurs, but sadly, very few people know that lemurs are the world’s most threatened primate group. The detailed taxonomy and classification of the lemur remains disputed, but what we do know is that th...

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Hunting & conservation

Sustainable hunting is possible, but it requires careful control and cooperation from different levels: government, conservationists, landowners and local communities. Hunting quotas, animal welfare, conservation objectives and community developm...

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