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“Early morning and evening get chilly - bring layers of clothes.” - Jeanbruno

It's like 3 great trips in 1

Views: 310 Visited: Jul 2013 Reviewed: Jan 06, 2014

I had been looking for a safari experience for several years and when I heard of Open Heart Safari, I knew it was the one because it provided a multi-layered experience. The leaders know Zambia and they plan the safari itinerary to include plenty of game drives with expert guides who know the animals and their habitats. But also included were several opportunities to interact with locals and learn about their socio-economic challenges. But wait, there's more . . . on top of those wonderful experiences, the leaders facilitate almost daily conversations with participants to share our own and hear others' insights about the day. I can attest that even my husband felt it really enriched the trip - and he was reluctant to go to Africa at all! We both left Open Heart Safari feeling more connected to each other and to the continent we had the honor of visiting.

Visited: Botswana Botswana Zambia Zambia
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