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“Sitting watching a baboon family just doing their own thing in the middle of the road. From the little ones squabbling or snuggling to their elders observing, intervening when necessary then wandering off it was amazing.” - Helclair

Never to be forgotten experience

Views: 165 Visited: Feb 2016 Reviewed: Mar 18, 2016

From our first enquiry the communication was fast, clear and helpful. We were very fortunate to have James as our tour driver. He was knowledgeable on all the subjects we threw at him - flora, fauna, politics, etc. and he accommodated our desire to take lots of photographs with good humour. He quickly learned the sorts of things we looked out for. He had a big challenge in the Serengeti part of the tour as many animals had migrated south but we were able to see all of the Big Five plus lots of elephants, impala, wildebeest, warthogs, etc.

We were on the 7-day safari which we would recommend as there is a lot of driving and trying to pack too much into a shorter time would be very tiring. We also visited an orphanage for Masai children which appeared to be well run and the children we saw were happy. Many were away at school. Regarding the vehicle, check that the seat belts work as one of ours didn’t.

My only real gripe was our trip to the Masai village. We were asked just as we were leaving Arusha if we wanted to go to one and were charged an extra US $100 (2 of us) on the spot. (We had earlier asked if one was included and were told which day it would be so weren't budgeting extra for this.) When we got there the welcome and tour was not worth it in my opinion, we were asked for another donation in the schoolroom which showed no signs of any educational material whatsoever, the crafts were selling at 3 to 4 times what you would pay elsewhere and we were told that one of the necklaces we looked at was from a giraffe's toenail which was clearly false. There are masses of similar ones which are made from coconuts.

All along the roadside following the visit there were Masai holding out their hands for money which didn’t happen in other areas. So, be warned! If you want to go, and fair enough, negotiate a lower fee and bargain down a lot. The trip to the Hadzabe tribe at the end of the tour by contrast was more interesting, fun and different and you had the chance to interact with them so what you purchased was more memorable.

February mightn't be the best month for seeing lots of animals but we had the chance to witness lots of animal behaviours that we possibly wouldn't have if there were more around. Regarding the tip as raised in another review, ask Tony when you book so you are prepared for it. We suddenly realized it would be necessary and had to ask him during the trip. His suggestion was reasonable which we were happy with but again it would have been better to know from the start. Loved our time on the safari so if you get the opportunity, go for it.

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