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Kapolondo Expeditions (11-Day exclusive safari in Tanzania & Zanzibar) Beware! Do not book.

Views: 201 Visited: Jul 2016 Reviewed: Oct 05, 2016

Let me start off by saying that I booked with this company based on the very specific itinerary that they offered and because of the great reviews. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Either "Tony" the company owner/manager decided that he didn't want to do his job and provide the exact itinerary that we booked and paid for, or "Tony" just doesn't have the clout and ability to provide the itinerary and tour that he advertised and agreed to provide us. I honestly think that he was more interested in cutting corners, so he could put extra profit directly into his pocket......

For the first part of our trip we booked the private safari in Tanzania and upon our arrival were told there is was immediate change to our first day itinerary. Tony tells us because of hotel availability that we were not going directly to Ngorongoro Crater, as per the itinerary that we booked. Instead, we are taken to Lake Manyara and told that we will be going to Ngorongoro the following morning. Now we booked more than 30 days in advance, so Tony should have been able to confirm the hotel reservations at Ngorongoro Crater. The hotel at Ngorongoro Crater was almost double the cost of the hotel at Lake Manyara, so I can easily see where Tony gets to pocket more money instead of booking our original confirmed hotel. So the following morning we drive out to Ngorongoro Crater, where we didn't arrive until almost 1 PM. We only had a half day in the crater instead of the full day that we booked, because we didn't go directly to Ngorongoro on the first day as promised. Ngorongoro was the best part of the entire trip and we should have spent our first two nights there and had a full day and a half, but instead we had only one night and an only half of one day. NOT WHAT WE PAID FOR. On the morning of day three we move on to Serengeti National Park. Our itinerary clearly stated that we were to stop at a traditional Maasai village and also stop at Oldupai Gorge on our way to the Serengeti. When we mention this to our tour guide he stated that we had to pay $50 to see the Maasai and that he wasn’t aware of either stop being part of our itinerary, so he states that he will discuss it with Tony and get back to us. All of this was supposed to be included in our itinerary. We continued to drive straight to the Serengeti National Park, where we are again told that we would be staying somewhere else for the two nights while we were there other than our originally booked lodging. The three day game drive in the Serengeti was as expected. No complaints with our day trips. The lodging we stayed ended up being acceptable and for the most part enjoyable, however the point is that we spent all four of our first four nights in different lodging accommodations and never had a chance to get comfortable. We did not get what we booked and paid for and it was a hassle having to constantly move every morning. On our way back from the Serengeti we did end up stopping at Oldupai Gorge and the Maasai village, but only because we raised hell about it over and over again. We were driven back to Arusha airport where Tony was supposed to meet us, but he never showed up (no surprise). We then flew to Zanzibar.

The second part of our trip was in Zanzibar. The hotel was booked on our behalf by Kapolondo Expeditions (Tony). Due to the discrepancies and itinerary changes during our Tanzania trip, I decided to email the hotel in Zanzibar to confirm our reservation. They confirmed our reservation, but also confirmed that our reservation was NOT all inclusive (with alcohol), which is what we originally booked and paid for. I spoke to Tony about this and he confirmed that it would be updated by the time I arrived, which it was NOT. Being sick and tired of dealing with Tony and Kopolondo Expeditions, I decided to just pay for the all-inclusive upgrade myself. The accommodations in Zanzibar were good and the resort was as expected.

Overall the trip was ok, but definitely not worth what we paid. Kapolondo Expeditions is definitely in the business of overcharging and not delivering what they promise. I would NEVER recommend them to anybody.

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