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Explore the African Great Rift Valley!

The Migration Trails Safaris is special Safari itinerary for the Migration animals movement which following the African Great Rift Valley and entering the Serengeti National Park through Kleins gate at Northeast of Serengeti where is the mail route for the Migratory animals to Mara and to South Serengeti. The itinerary it will allow you to explore at the most unique place at Serengeti National Park especially for the Migratory animals!

Safari tour package: A custom, tailor-made, private safari
Prices and Dates: $2760 - $3000
Includes internal flights: No
Length of safari: 11 days
Best months: July - November
Countries visited Tanzania Tanzania
Parks visited Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Tarangire
Activity level Easy - Game drives, bush dinners
Safari type:
  • Camping
The Migration Trails Safari itinerary it has its own attractive activities in most of places where it will go as a nature Walk at Arusha National Park, Cultural Walk at Mto wa Mbu Village near the Lake Manyara National Park. As a Light Camping Safari it will allow the clients to enjoy the nature but much more as it will go through African Great Rift Valley where are less crawdad at Lake Natron where we have the Volcanic Mountain which still active! But the most hiding thing at Lake Natron is the Natural Swimming Pool at the middle of the Rift Valley with beautiful views for Ol donyo Lengain Mountain and the Lake Natron itself! According for long experience our Safari itineraries are unique as they are different from each other with different daily activities and attractions even inside the National Park. The Migration Trails as the same as other of our Safari itineraries daily customers are staying inside the National Park and spending much more time enjoying their Safari and their time according to their expectations and recommendation!As this itinerary use the natural campsites in the National Parks also it moves all way to North of Serengeti to find the Migration animals where are crossing the Mara River or where they grassing. Our Goal is our customers to have memorable holidays with our Safari itineraries!!

DAY 1: Arrival – Arusha.
Arrival in Kilimanjaro International Airport meet with your Tour Guide and transfers to Arusha.
Dinner and overnight at Freedom Lodge.


DAY 2: Arusha – Arusha National Park.
After breakfast departure and drive to Arusha National Park with all your camping equipments with your professional Safari cook who he will prepare your meal the entire Safari. After the registration at the main gate drive to Momella Public Campsite and set your tents with your guide while your Cook is preparing your light lunch as you can have the morning walking with park ranger. After lunch prepare for your walking with park ranger and your Safari Guide which the walking it will start at the camp and walk towards the Mount Meru the second highest point in Tanzania with beautiful view especially when you will move more over the mountain. Here you will have very nice excise with sweet breathing with fresh air from wonderful natural long and aged trees ever!! Also is here in this highland forest where you will have a big chance to see the famous Black and White Colobus Monkey with beautiful color which makes this National Park to be more special and famous. The highland forest is providing and supporting the life of the different creatures including bird life as it has a lot of water springs and natural fruits. After walking which it will takes up to 2 hours and ending at the camp again where you will start your afternoon game drive to Momella lakes which probably you have seen while you were on walking. As Arusha National Park is among the small National Park in Tanzania but this Park is one of the beautiful National Park with different landscapes with a lot of Natural fresh water springs which provides the waterfall as well at the slope of the mountain but this is the small explanations about this Park but when you will visit you will see much more. Your game drive it will be concentrating to the Southeast of the Park where different compare to where you were walking is. Then drive back to the camp before dark.
Dinner and Overnight at Momella Public Campsite.


DAY 3: Arusha National Park – Lake Manyara National Park.
After breakfast departure to Mto wa Mbu near Lake Manyara National Park where you will have a Cultural Village walk and experience the life style as here in this village is where you may count all the tribes which are founded in Tanzania with their individual languages. This Cultural walk it may takes 2 hours which it will ending at African local Women who she will prepare your local lunch with different African food and very tasteful and clean which you will enjoy it so much! After lunchprepare for afternoon game watch at the Lake Manyara National Park which lay at the middle of the African Great Valley this is covered 8,000 km long. Here you will have the time to experience African mammals as well as different species of Birds as well as the beautiful landscape in both sides. Then drive back to the camp before dark for dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Endabashe Public Camp.


DAY 4: Lake Manyara – Lake Natron.
After breakfast drive to follow the African Great Rift Valley to Lake Natron the biggest alkaline lake where flamingos breeding during the rainy season. Here you will have 2 difference activities according the area.1.You will walk with Maasai to follow the escarpment to the source of the Engaresero river where you will get the really water fall which probably you never see in your life with fresh water and small swimming pool like basin where you may take a swimming and enjoy it than other swimming pools that you have been because this is natural pool. All this activities will start after lunch. Then back to the starting point and start the second 2 activities which is to drive to the lake where you will dropped off and start walk to follow the flamingos which will be feeding along the lake with spectacular colors especially during the evening time with Sunset. While you’re in this camp you will be very close to Volcanic Mountain that still alive named Oldoinyo Lengai the Maasai name means GOD MOUNTAIN which still active. Evening drive to the lakeshore where you will have a short walk with your Maasai guide who he will lead you to the view where you may get good photo for the flamingoes and panoramic pictures.
Dinner and overnight at Lake Natron Moivaro Public Campsite.

DAY 5: Lake Natron – Serengeti Northeast.
After breakfast depart and drive out of escarpment to Northeast of Serengeti National Park with lunch box from the Lake Camp. On the way out of the Rift Valley you may get very beautiful landscape and scenery and you will have a time to take pictures, as much as you can. While you’re driving here you will see the residents who’re pastorals drive their cattle along the bush and other doing their normal activities for their usual life. Then enter in Serengeti through Klein’s gate and start to enjoying the wildlife which are start coming from Maasai Mara to Serengeti or from Serengeti to Maasai Mara. Those are Wildebeest and Zebras who are moving together according the weather and while you’re on the way to the North of Serengeti you will enjoy the different landscapes and scenery which is different each step you go while also you will have different wild animals they’re is grassing around or moving towards the Migration animals. During this time of the year is the time when the Migration animals are crossing from one side to another at the Mara River. As your camp is located a bit distance from Mara River but still you’re in main route of the Migration and still you may drive up to Mara River to find out where the animals are grassing but depending on your travel season. Arrive at the camp for dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Lobo Public Campsite.


DAY 6: Serengeti Northeast – Serengeti Northeast.
After breakfast have a full day game drive to explore this area also to find out more where the animals are grassing and where migration animals are feeding. This area it’s the area where the migration passing on the way Maasai Mara or on the way to Serengeti South. As you will have another night here you will have a chance to drive in far Northeast to Mara River where you may meet with Migratory animals or other different animals according the habitation and vegetation of this area. Also Mara River is very famous with huge number of Nile Crocodiles and Hippopotamus so even if you can’t see crossing but still there are interesting things to enjoy as the Nature it will offer you different vegetation with different creatures as well.
Dinner and overnight at Lobo Public Campsite.


DAY 7: Serengeti Northeast – Serengeti Northeast.
As this is the right time to see much more in Serengeti especially in Northern Serengeti where the main route is for the Migratory animals you will have another full day game drive according to your guide plan. Early morning game drives before breakfast, then after drive back for breakfast. After breakfast leave with  lunch box  for all day game viewing in the Serengeti grassland, woodland and bush land where you will have more time to explore and finding the Migration animals with some Predators, Lion, Hyena, Leopard and scavengers who’re following the Migratory animals. Serengeti is unequalled for its beauty and contains more than three million larger Mammals spread over the vast endless plain. It is here, at certain times of the year, that we may encounter the breathtaking spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration and in August during tour your will be able to view much more cats according to migration animals at Serengeti. Return back to the camp before dark.
Dinner and overnight at Lobo Public Campsite.


DAY 8: Serengeti Northeast – Serengeti Central.
After breakfast depart with lunch boxes and drive to explore the Serengeti National Park in different area, at the Central of Serengeti where you will have different experience with residents’ wild animals who are depending on Seronera River for drinking during the dry season when all migratory animals have move to Maasai Mara. This area is where the biggest pride of the lion in Serengeti National Park hangs along the Seronera River waiting for Resident’s animals coming for drinking and even waiting for those who are migrating and ambush them. As this is the meeting point and the main route for all those animals that are passing through on migrating to West or to North or South of Serengeti. Seronera river or Central Serengeti named Seronera is the Heart of Serengeti National Park as is here where there are long term source of the water which support the life for the wild animals when their waiting for other or for the weather to give them the direction to go. But not only that reason but the vegetation here is very unique as here there are different kind of trees including those famous yellow acacia trees which are supporting some of cats to have the best view or vision for hunting like leopard and even lions sometimes they climbing in those trees along the Seronera Valley. Arrive at the camp for dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Seronera Public Campsite.


DAY 9: Serengeti Central – Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
Leave early in the morning before breakfast for a half day game drive around the Central of Serengeti as this is your last day and last chance in Serengeti. As you have travel and experience the Northeast Serengeti but Serengeti is very unique National Park as each step you move you will experience the different with sometimes the same animals but in different behavior and different nature. Animals in most of area in Serengeti are seasonal visit which makes some of those who’re not migrating to be more active during the dry season especially those predators like lions and even leopards as they don’t move for a long distance to follow the migratory animals. So the early morning game drive it will give you another experience with the best starting the day with sunrise but also to give you the different feelings compare to Northeast of Serengeti because of different vegetations. Then drive back to the camp for branch and after branch depart to Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority and on the way to Ngorongoro you may visit Oldupai Gorge where Dr Leakey discover the fossils of the first human and past creatures more than 1.7 million years ago. Also this is your special days to visit the Maasai village that are living in Ngorongoro more than 300 year ago but this doesn’t need any booking as if you’re interested you may organize with your guide as you will pay direct. Arrive at camp before dark and for dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Simba Public Campsite.


DAY 10: Ngorongoro Crater – Tarangire National Park.
Leave early with breakfast boxes and descend to the Caldera for a half day game drive. The early morning in the Crater is the best time to enjoy the game drive and to enjoy the area as no many Tourist cars like at the mid day when other people they come from different places and drive down for a game drive. This morning game drive it will allow you to explore every corner of the Crater and try to find the last of the BIG FIVE which you didn’t see in Serengeti National Park as this is very special place to see Endanger species animal, Black Rhinoceros that are very few now days after being poaching for a long time. Also you may be lucky to see the Big Bull Elephants which are feeding in the permanent Swamp in the Crater with Big Ivory than other Elephants now days. Also you will enjoy much with wild animals here because their very docile if you will compare with those is migrating in Serengeti. Then drive accent back to the camp for hot lunch and start prepare for departure to Tarangire National Park through Mto wa Mbu Village where you start you have a short walk near the Lake Manyara National Park. Arrive at Tarangire National Park before dark and for dinner.
Dinner and overnight at Tarangire Public Campsite.


DAY 11: Tarangire National Park.
After breakfast depart for full day game drive with your picnic lunch which it will allow you to explore the park and spend much more time in the park watching the wild animals which are coming from different side of the park for drinking at the Tarangire River. Tarangire National Park is one of the beautiful park in our Countries especially during the dry season as most of the wild animals are depending on Tarangire River for drinking and wallowing especially Elephants which caused this park to be more famous as in each square kilometer you may find the Elephant. But during the rainy season all game are move out of this park and spend the time at the Maasai land as the grass is so long in the park and the soil its water logged and slippery while in Maasai steppe the grasses are short and more sweat. Then late afternoon drive back to the camp before dark
Dinner and overnight at Tarangire Public Campsite.


DAY 12: Tarangire – Arusha – JRO.
After breakfast have the last game drive in Tarangire National Park before your departure back to Arusha on to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your departure. After lunch at camp departure back to Arusha with some short stops on the way for shopping as is only the chance you have for shopping before your departure. Then drive to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight back home.





Listed below are hotels/lodges/resorts that the safari tour operator can accomodate for you.

  • Freedom Lodge Arusha
Wildebeest and zebras, Tanzania
Wildebeest and zebras, Tanzania by I Dream of Africa
Wildebeest, Tanzania
Wildebeest, Tanzania by I Dream of Africa
Bird watching, Tanzania
Bird watching, Tanzania by I Dream of Africa
Flamingos, Tanzania
Flamingos, Tanzania by I Dream of Africa
Tanzania by I Dream of Africa

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