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“Silverback gorilla” - Hopeklingenberg

Our honeymoon with lots of experience

Views: 321 Visited: Apr 2015 Reviewed: Aug 11, 2015

The good thing with wedding meetings is that people propose to you a lot of suggestions about what you should do. Like others, we had lots of suggestion about where to spend our honey moon. Since this had to be one of the unforgettable moments of our lives, we had to ensure we have great memories. Our wedding planner told us that in order to make this a joyous moment, we have to go where we have never been and see what we have never seen. That is when we said we should go to Africa, and this is how we decided that we should do a 10-day gorilla safari.

We contacted the gorilla tour booking safari to prepare our trip and we had to let them know that we were planning to have a honey moon experience. We agreed on a luxurious package and that’s what we paid for. After all the preparations, we arrived at Entebbe International Airport ready to start this great trek.

The car we used was customized for a honey moon experience-red was all over the car seats and the music that was played really portrayed that we are in for a wonderful experience. At the hotel, our bed and rooms had flowers. This was great.

Our 10-day gorilla trekking safari had lots of things to do but let me talk about those that impressed me the most. We were taken to Bwindi National Park which has lot of gorilla family groups which would bring memories to us and that is exactly what happened. When we saw this group in a family, it just reminded us of the journey that we had started. The silverback really knows how to cater for the group, and my husband said to me that I shall be your silverback-he never realized the impact of what he said or how he said it but this was really emotional for me.

Another remarkable experience is when we went to a certain troop, these guys made us laugh. They started dancing for us and afterwards they told us to join them. We had to learn their dance instantly; actually, we were pretty good at it. The peak of this group is when a dancer they referred to as ‘Senga’ meaning aunt started to dance while telling us what we should do and avoid doing in our marriage. She had good advice for both of us. Her words echoed so much that when I went to the hotel, I started writing out everything that she said because I remembered most of them. This was so educative for both of us. In the Baganda Culture, the aunt is responsible for informing girls about what they should and should not do in their marriages, and it’s exactly how we were treated. Never in my life shall I ever forget that experience.

Wow, it was an amazing experience. Thank you all of you guys at gorilla tour booking safari. I sincerely recommend anyone to this company.

Visited: Uganda Uganda
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