Come enjoy with the wild as you also experience the warm culture of our people and the landscape.very amazing!!

Safari tour package:
A custom, tailor-made, private safari
Price per person*:
$2800 - $2990
Includes internal flights:
Length of safari:
10 days
Best months:
July - December
Countries visited:
Parks visited:
Activity level:
Easy - Game drives, bush dinners
Safari type:
Adventure safaris Big five Cultural safaris Cultural
*Prices are estimates and used as guidelines only. Please contact the tour operator for an exact quote.
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Day 01 - Arrive / Met - transfer to Fairview Hotel for relaxation and overnight - Fairview Hotel - Bed & Breakfast
Day 02 - Drive to Amboseli National Park - Afternoon Game drive - Amboseli Sopa Lodge - Full Board
Day 03 - Morning + Afternoon game drive - Optional activities include bush dinner, visit to a Masai village - Amboseli Sopa Lodge - Full Board
Day 04 - Drive to Aberdares National Park - view game from balcony - The ark Lodge - Full Board
Day 05 - Drive to Sweetwaters - Afternoon game drive - Sweetwaters tented camp - Full Board
Day 06 - Drive to Nakuru National Park - Afternoon game drive - Flamingo Hill Camp - Full Board
Day 07 - Morning + Afternoon game drive - Optional activities include balloon safari, bush dinner - Mara Sopa Lodge - Full Board
Day 08 - Morning + Afternoon game drive - Optional activities include balloon safari, bush dinner - Mara Sopa Lodge - Full Board
Day 09 - Morning + Afternoon game drive - Optional activities include balloon safari, bush dinner - Mara Sopa Lodge - Full Board
Day 10 - Check Out - Drive to Nairobi - Lunch at carnivore - Transfer to Airport for your flight home.

Safari to Kenya - 10 Days


It is ‘touch down’ at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Representatives from Zoar Tours, your hosts in

Kenya eagerly await your arrival. Welcome to Nairobi, a city experiencing a Renaissance in art and culture. Our

airport representative meets you at the airport and whisks you to Fairview Hotel. Following an evening arrival, we
settle happily into the city's Fairview Hotel. The Fairview is that rare bird in Africa a comfortable hotel that hasn’t
decked itself out in feathers of up market gloss and tasteless luxury. The hotel’s leafy acres and scattered buildings
are laid out on Nairobi Hill, a world away from the overheated bustle. All this, plus a classy brasserie and wine bar
and some of the best sushi in the city. The balance of the day is to relax and enjoy the surroundings. A safari
briefing answers questions and creates excitement. This safari offers a unique opportunity to combine a wilderness
adventure covering a wide range of landscapes; it offers the excitement and glamour of the African bush together
with a romantic, and self indulgent itinerary. The lodges and camps chosen are flawless, with very pleasant staff
and superb accommodation. Marvel at the vivid array of wildlife and rich diverse landscapes and experience the
friendliness and in-depth knowledge of our Drivers and Guides. A sound rest tonight prepares us for tomorrow's

After breakfast departs for the scenic Amboseli National Park; this provides the classic Hollywood image of
Africa. Amboseli National Park set at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The park may be best known for its herds of
elephants and the ground-breaking research began by Cynthia Moss in the early 1970’s. Along with these gentle
giants, other plains game such as zebra, wildebeest and buffalo are in abundance. Arrive in time for lunch at
Amboseli Sopa Lodge followed by an afternoon relaxation. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Africa's
highest mountain, the glittering Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli Sopa Lodge enjoys a uniquely privileged position
at the heart of this world-famous national park. Secluded within a grove of acacia trees, the lodge looks out over
the golden savannah plains, with uninterrupted views of the mountain itself. This afternoon is the opportunity we
have all been looking forward to. We depart on an exciting game viewing drive. Set in rolling savannah scenery,
Amboseli National park is dwarfed by the presence of the pink-tinged, snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro,
the highest free-standing volcanic mountain in the world and topped by one fifth of all the ice in Africa. Against
this magnificent backdrop roam vast herds of 'giant' elephant accompanied by a kaleidoscope of other fabulous
beasts. The park is also an ornithological paradise with over 400 species of birds, all manner of reptilian, flora and
fauna and some of the most soul-searing views in Africa. We return to our lodge for Dinner and overnight


Early morning and late afternoon game drives. You may find the parks elephant herds cooling off in the swamp
waters, or the tall Maasai giraffe peering at you through the Treetops. The bird life of Amboseli is rich and variedmore
than 420 species - 47 of them raptors. Part of the park is composed of a dry lake bed which produces mirages
in the shimmering heat swamps and springs are fed by the underground rivers of Kilimanjaro melting snows, and
provide permanent water for game. In the evening a visual feast Kilimanjaro at sunset. Close to Amboseli Sopa
Lodge by are a series of emerald green swamps, which are fed by the melting snows of Kilimanjaro. These, the
only sources of water in this otherwise starkly beautiful but arid park, attract huge numbers of wallowing
elephants, hippos, buffalos and plains game. Meanwhile, from the prehistoric site of Observation Hill, the sunset
over Kilimanjaro is magnificent. The marshy, swampy areas of the park are home to the water birds like the
Madagascar Squacco Heron and the Lapwing. Vultures, Taita falcon, the southern branded Harrier Eagle and the
Taveta golden weaver are also common sightings. Your game runs en-route to the Lodge will introduce you to
large numbers of plains game- wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, impala and gazelle. Look for the elusive kudu, a delicate
antelope with long spiral horns and a beautifully striped body that enables it camouflage among branches of acacia
and trees and other shrubs.


We continue with our safari with the thrill of overnight game viewing in the comfort of a the Ark Lodge which is a
Tree Hotel. The lush hills of Aberdares National Park are covered by Kenya's densest forest and form the eastern
flank of the Great Rift Valley. Outside the park itself we pass many ranches, coffee plantations and early European
settlements, the Aberdares Country Club welcomes you for a sumptuous lunch. Here you'll store your luggage and
take a small overnight bag with you up to the Ark. We leave our main luggage at the base hotel and continue with
just our overnight bags to one of the famous "tree hotels", deep in the Aberdares Forest. On our journey to our
lodge we hope to see typical forest-dwelling animals such as the black and white Columbus Monkeys. A special
feature of the lodge where we stay is the floodlit watering hole where we can watch from the lodge itself throughout
the night as a great variety of animals come down to drink. Different species of animals are active during the night
compared with during the day and many shy species such as rhinos will only approach the lodge at night. It is
fascinating to watch their behavior around the watering hole as they take turns in drinking from the watering hole
and eating the salt which is put out for them at the 'salt lick'. In the morning we hope to have spectacular views
towards jagged outline of Mount Kenya. There is also excellent bird watching from the lodge terrace into the
surrounding trees.


After breakfast drive to Sweetwaters, arrive in time for lunch at Sweetwaters tented camp. Being home to 86
black rhinos and 11 southern white rhinos, Sweetwaters, which is East Africa’s Largest Black Rhino Sanctuary,
has been assessed to be the best possible location for the northern white rhino's breeding project. Besides its
proximity to the northern white rhino’s environmental stronghold, Sweetwaters game-to-area ratio tops the Kenyan
park and reserve league It is the only park where the big 5 and chimpanzees can be seen and is also where the
fastest growing population of rhino in Africa can be found. In 1994 the Jane Goodall Institute established the
Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary within the game reserve and moved a large group of chimps here from the
unstable situation in their native West Africa. This afternoon we have a game drive in the reserve and tour the
Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Optional Camel Ride or a Night Game Drive. Among these is a very healthy number of
about 80 endangered black rhino. The rhino share the space with an almost unimaginable 10,000 other large
mammals. Afternoon game drive and drive back to your lodge for dinner and overnight.


After breakfast, drive to Lake Nakuru National Park to arrive in time for Lunch at Flamingo Hill Camp. Few
words can accurately describe the awe-inspiring vision of a seemingly endless pink blanket of feathers laying at
your feet. This is the astonishing beauty that greets you at Lake Nakuru National Park. Afternoon game-viewing
drive is inside the park. Enjoy a game drive through the park and a visit to the Lake, set on a plateau on the Rift
valley, overlooking one of the World’s greatest ornithological spectacles, Lake Nakuru, stands Flamingo Hill Camp
it is beautifully landscaped with natural foliage and a startling variety of flower gardens Lake Nakuru National Park
surrounds Lake Nakuru, a shallow alkaline lake famous for the millions of flamingoes who flock here year round.
Besides the rich and varied bird life this is a popular place to encounter leopard. Waterbuck are usually sighted
along the lake shore, and this is the home of the Rothschild’s giraffe. Baboon, impala, buffalo, monkeys, warthog,
Reedbuck and eland are also resident. However, the main attractions are the rhino. Picnic sites in the park include
Makalia Falls, Enjoro River Mouth near the main gate, Baharini, Acacia, Baboon Cliff, Out of Africa, Lion Hill
Summit. The park is a designated rhino sanctuary and it is one of the best places in Kenya to observe them. Return
to Flamingo Hill Camp for dinner and overnight


Breakfast at Flamingo Hill, and then depart through Naivasha to Narok, drive past the extinct Volcano of Mt
Longonot and Suswa into the homelands of the Masai Game Reserve arriving in time for lunch at Mara Sopa
Lodge. Afternoon, enjoy a game viewing drive in this world renown reserve. Maasai Mara is a magnificent
landscape of open plains bisected by the Mara River and its tributaries, and punctuated by marshes and forests.
Certainly the most frequented game reserve in Kenya, this 650 sq kilometer reserve supports the highest density of
game to be seen anywhere. During the seasonal migrations, Maasai Mara is home to up to a million wildebeest
and an equally impressive number of zebras that move into the area from neighboring Serengeti National Park, in
Tanzania. The reserve is home to all the “big five” and it is also possible to observe; baboon, eland, ostrich, bateared
fox, jackal and cheetah. The rivers abound with hippos and crocodiles. Maasai Mara topography creates a
unique bio-diverse area, providing guests with the opportunity to venture into the savannah covered with hundreds
or even thousands of animals of many different species


Enjoy the entire day in the Maasai Mara with early morning game drive, optional balloon safari at an extra cost
and an afternoon game drive. The Mara is also noted for its abundance of lions - particularly the superb black
manned males. You'll see lots of elephants here often in large herds, as well as - if you're lucky - leopard, cheetah
and rhino. All of the Big Five are residents. You're sure to see the African buffalo. All Meals and overnight is at
Mara Sopa Lodge. The Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya’s most precious wildlife sanctuary. This is big game
country and long famed as one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of game. Plains game is found here in staggering
numbers, which in turn supports a tremendous predator population. Optional Activities: Balloon Safari, Bush
Breakfast/Dinner, Visit to the Maasai Village at an extra cost. These vast grasslands are rich with herds of zebras,
giraffes, gazelles, and topis. With huge grazing herds, voracious attendant predators, including Africa’s largest
population of lions, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, rhino and bountiful birdlife, the Mara is the staging ground
for the annual wildebeest great migration. Hippo and crocodile abound in the muddy brown waters of the rivers,
which traverse this reserve


We continue to explore this miraculous area on our morning and afternoon game drives. This open grassland is
home to almost every species of East African wildlife including lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, wildebeests,
gazelles, and zebras. This is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. The vast, open grasslands of the
Serengeti-Mara are home to over 3 million large mammals. These include over 1.4 million wildebeest, which
migrate in an enormous, straggling herd each year between the southern parts of the Serengeti to the northern part
and back again. With them move other herbivores such as gazelles and zebra, also looking for the best grass.
Along the way they provide food for big predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs. Here we learn about and
see first hand the intricate web of dependency that binds the different species together. Each animal has adapted to
its own niche and to the other animals that surround it. Here we see Nature at its most subtle and, sometimes, most
cruel as each animal struggles to survive and reproduce. On our morning and afternoon game drives in the Masai
Mara we have a very good chance of seeing all the major Plains animals including lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant,
rhino, hyena, cheetah, jackal, warthog and many species of antelope.


After breakfast, say 'Kwaheri' - a Swahili word for bye to Masai Mara and leisurely drive back to Nairobi arriving in time for lunch at Carnivore restaurant. The Carnivore is considered ‘Africa's Greatest Eating Experience. A variety of meats including a selection of exotic meat is roasted over charcoal and carved at your table on traditional Maasai swords (skewers). Delicious side dishes and an exceptional array of sauces complement this fixed price feast that also includes soup, a selection of desserts and Kenyan coffee. Set in attractive tropical gardens, the service and the décor are outstanding. After lunch transfer to the airport for your International flight home.


Listed below are hotels/lodges/resorts that the safari tour operator can accomodate for you.

  •  Fairview Hotel - www.fairviewhotel.com
  •  The ark - www.thearkkenya.com
  •  Flamingo Hill Camp - www.flamingohillcamp.com
  •  Amboseli Sopa Lodge/Masai Mara Sopa Lodge- www.sopalodges.com
  •  Sweetwaters Tented Camp - www.serenahotels.com

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