Your African Safari mission statement

Your African Safari (YAS) was created by people who are passionate about the animals of Africa. We created YAS to help support, grow and nourish a healthy African wildlife population. The genesis of YAS was first and foremost for the preservation of Africa’s wild animals—that these voiceless creatures stand a chance of a long and healthy life, in their natural environments, free from the confines of zoos or other cages.

We support the African wildlife and environment by:

The future of Your African Safari

Our future plans are to be in a position to give back a portion of our earnings to help support the generous, tireless efforts of those who are working to protect and preserve the African wildlife, especially the rhinos.

About Your African Safari (YAS)

YAS is a comprehensive travel site for anyone wishing to plan an African safari—first-time safari goers and safari veteran alike. It is a one-stop resource that covers 14 African safari countries and offers valuable information and insight on the following:

Our core focus

The core focus of YAS is to provide a place for people to leave their candid reviews for African safari tour operators. Most review sites were created for lodging or restaurant reviews, and aren't properly designed for constructive safari tour operator reviews.

YAS has broken the review mold and created a platform specifically for tour operators. It is the result of extensive collaborations between tour operators and website experts to create a site aimed expressly at and for African safari tour operators. These tour operators paired up with some of the most sophisticated and successful web developers around to create the ultimate in African safari review sites.

This site is a collaboration of the valuable insight, partnering and testing provide by myriad tour operators and their safari guests. They knew what they needed in the ultimate African safari review website and worked with the best web developers to make it happen. As a result, YAS is unparalleled in serving as the perfect stage for safari tour operators to showcase their core strengths and most popular safari itineraries. Tour operators can also upload photos and include a YAS widget on their website to help promote their presence with us. Safari companies can even have people request a quote on a specific itinerary via YAS, and drastically reduce the sales cycle.

At YAS, we listen to your feedback and are quick to implement popular ideas from tour operators.

YAS: A comprehensive website for all things Africa safari

YAS also has locally-based writers who are on the pulse of Africa and who are providing timely coverage on the latest happenings. Whether it's the results from the latest political campaign to an upcoming marathon to help wildlife conservation, our writers are on-hand and working diligently to ensure we've got it covered.

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